Protective Screen Solutions

1) Perspex Desk Top Screen Extensions (Topper)

Our anti-bacterial desktop screen extension reduces the risk of airborne germs between colleagues whilst still enabling them visibility. 

They are available in one height and four widths and adapts to all types of desktop screens. Protection is made from 5 mm thick 100% transparent and is supported by two metal desktop fixings. These anti-bacterial screens are easy to install, maintain and disinfect.

  • Anti-bacterial screen extension – reduces the risk of germs
  • 4 widths – fits all desks
  • Adjustable clamp universal clamp
  • 5mm thick  100% transparent
  • Easy clean – with daily cleaning products
  • Fast installation – immediate protection




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(2) Perspex Desk Mounted Straight Screens


(3) Floor Standing Perspex Screens 


(4) Polyvinyl Protective Desk Screens 

Our clear polyvinyl protective screens with aluminium frames protect against infection in a wide variety of settings including offices, dining areas, breakout spaces and all public places. The screens are fire retardant and antimicrobial to reduce the risk of airborne germs between colleagues and visitors from sneezing and coughing, to aid compliance with social distancing requirements whilst maintaining a high level of visibility.


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(5) Floor Standing Honeycomb Screens 

Pop-up floor standing dividing screens give you the flexibility to shape your space and to set a boundary between areas to prevent the spread of germs or to create a refuge for small groups. Simple partitioning can be used in offices, production facilities, schools, call centres and much more to allow people to define their own boundaries and provide an additional barrier to help prevent the spread of airborne diseases.


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(6) Free-Standing Sanitiser Dispenser

The free-standing sanitiser dispenser is operated by foot pedal so there is no need to touch the unit by hand when users wish to clean their hands to prevent the spread of germs and don’t pose a threat of cross contamination. It is a low maintenance, high performance product that is perfect for both high footfall areas and locating in key gathering points such as receptions, entrances, smoking shelters and other public spaces.


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