The Influence of Color in your Office

Studies show that colours can affect our perception of situations, and moods within the office. They can also be used to endorse your corporate identity.

Yellow – Conveys safety and hope, is youthful, free and positive. A tribute to qualities such as reason, logic, intellect and good decision making.




Orange – Is an anti-depressant and gives strength, stimulation and Invigores. Orange is the colour of joy, humour and helps develop conversation. It helps combat fatigue, improves air flow and increases optimism.



Green – Reminds us of life, harmony and also reflects energy. If used properly it helps create a balanced, southing and calm environment.




Red – Is the colour of motivation, desire and activity. Red is associated with heat, and excitement. It is a colour that awakens the sense of competitiveness, stimulates, and opens the mind.


Blue – Reflects deep oceans and clear skies. It promotes quietness, trust, confidence and serenity. This colour is not threatening, it neutralises worries and calms individuals.


Black – Reflects authority, respect and power. It is perceived as being dark and mysterious. It is a very ostentatious and luxurious ambiance. This colour should be used with caution as it can close in a space and create a claustrophobic environment.



White – Chic, and always in fashion. White is a colour conveying pure spiritual feeling. It is the colour of detachment, harmony, balance and cleanliness. Here you can find more options about our withe furniture range.