Docklands Recycled Furniture

Docklands Recycled Furniture Efficient Recycling wont cost you the Earth The team at Docklands Recycled Furniture are extremely conscious of the impact that each and every one of us has on our environment. It is our intention to develop our Recycling Policy by reducing the amount of waste. This will be achieved by good custom and practice of purchasing materials throughout the business, and disposal of materials via our Recycling processes. We ensure that all of our trusted working partners follow the same methodology. Let us work with you to minimize your carbon footprint and increase the amount that you recycle.   Continue Reading >>>

Ideal Workstation

HOW TO CHOOSE:   Check out the following tips to ensure you choose the correct desk for you and your environment: Measure your office to ensure there is enough space allocated for the desks that you wish to purchase. Choose the correct footprint that suits your business needs – e.g. if you use a laptop then you may only need a straight 1.2m wide desk, whereas if you need space for printers/faxes and paperwork you may need a larger 1.6m wide curved desk Think about the position of your desk within the office to ensure there is adequate walkway space. Consider the aesthetics- If you have a modern looking office, then you may want to choose white, modern style desks with clean lines. However, if you are trying to create a more executive image and are client facing, then you may want Antique style. Think about how you are going to get power supply to your desktop, IT and Telecoms.... Continue Reading >>>

Tips to find a location for office

Here are some important tips for you when trying to find the ideal commercial office or room for you, or your company: 1 – When you lease a room or business office, do not just analyze physical location, transport links and access – restaurants and banks are also essential services, whose proximity can positively affect the productivity of the entire team. 2 – Beware of leasing a very old building. There may be limitations to the number of telephone lines installed per floor, and some services such as broadband and cable TV. 3 – Will I have place to grow? Ensure the current room facilitates the structure of your business today, and future plan for the years to come. 4 – Set a budget, and ensure that you stick to it- Ensure that if you make alterations to the workplace, you employ a professional in an advisory capacity, as this could avoid additional spending later on in correcting works. 5... Continue Reading >>>

Partitions and screens can help your company become more efficient

The dynamics of business today, is very different from that of 20 years ago. The globalization, computerization, mobile telephony and the internet have enabled Companies to speed up their processes, and become more effective. In the 1990’s it was on trend to create open working environments, and to use screens to create individual working areas. This was conducive for good team working within the office. Nowadays, each individual workstation has its own screens with tool rails to attach accessories, not only creating individual workspace but also to enable a cleaner and tidier desktop.   Continue Reading >>>

10 Tips for Increasing Your Office Furniture for Small Spaces

  you are a professional artist, designer, architect, decorator and want to use your apartment is super small to help sell your fish, check these super tips: Use U countertops for easy access and expand the environment; Slightly change the colors of the decor to set each environment; Use niches in the walls, beautify and help to keep things; Choose large pieces (sounds strange?) Instead of several small objects, gives a lot of expensive mess, your client will not like; Prioritize natural light transmits “open environments” magnifies in a nice and gives a great energy to work; Use light colors, dark colors reduce the space; Use furniture with two purposes, for example a bookcase that divides the environment; Use furniture, stools, chairs that are stackable are easy to carry from one place to another; Paint the door and frame in the same color as the wall gives the feeling of being in the same plane and magnifies the environment; Use... Continue Reading >>>

The Influence of Colors in Your Office

Studies show that colors affect our perception, are related to the cognitive, bringing sensations, encouraging or discouraging according to employment in socializing them. Coloring your desktop can spend a great impression to visitors, as well as the furniture chosen, the colors are a visual identity and sensorial very perceptive. Learn in easy steps how to decorate coloring, your office or home office without displeasing in the eyes of those who want to impress. Creating a living environment, serious, or contemporary style, with simplicity and minimal cost, adorning your corporate environment.   Hall The entrance to the office should be seen as the most important area, as it will be what any customer will see first, even before deciding to enter. It should feel comfortable with the environment, relaxed or stimulated, cheerful colors can create a peaceful and pleasant expectation about aspects of the site. Piped music soothes the site and can not move in the hearts of those in this... Continue Reading >>>

10 chairs for your office

When assembling your office or your home office is essential to choose a good chair. Remember you will be working long hours and it should give you comfort. We made a brief selection of chairs that can certainly serve you well. For those who can spend a little more, the Herman Miller Aeron. The chair is made in sizes S, M and L, to achieve a good fit for all sizes of people, besides having swivel chair, recliner with lock and tension control, adjustable height and angle of arms. Another interesting detail: supports natural and customized to the lower region of the column, in order to provide a healthy posture and comfort of the back. The seat and back are coated with a high screen resistance that distributes body weight evenly, and is great for those who suffer the most from the heat. Following screen with chairs, chair Flextropic is a great option. Have settings in the lower back, seat... Continue Reading >>>

Ergohuman ergonomic chair

Previously ergonomic chair was the one that gave support to the lower back. This is actually one of the most important support, but our chairs have evolved a lot and now we can count on adjustable feet for various body parts, which brings much more comfort and significant increase in productivity and quality of life. The adjustment of the backrest is also very important so you can relax the muscles, because the user can not stay long in the 90° position. Sitting is an anti physiological position can cause great pressure on the spine. When sitting, the pressure is 50% higher than when we are standing. So no one can remain long sitting in the same position. When a chair has adjustable backrest, people tend to slip to relax the muscles. On doing so, they sit on the sacrum (the end of the spine) generating a pressure in the intervertebral disc, which causes herniated disc. As it is right to... Continue Reading >>>

Design of the new Steel Furniture

There was a time that the steel furniture served only to store valuables in stock and cluttering things and more things that never would have used. The evolution of technology has enabled the production of steel furniture more beautiful and with a greater variety of colors and shapes. But why do we still have the impression that steel furniture are not cute? There are some factors that help us identify why we created this culture that steel shelving, steel cabinet, steel file and steel furniture in general are ugly and need to stay hidden in the garage. Scene of Steel Furniture 50.60 years ago – An abundance of wood: At that time the furniture was all solid wood, there was an environmental concern and comparing a solid wood cabinet with anything else is bullshit. Besides the finish of wooden furniture to be much, much more beautiful, the fact that it does massive Mobile last many years. The price also helped,... Continue Reading >>>

Chair for a correct posture | Office Furniture

How to choose the best chair for your ideal position? Check out the tips below Docklands and make the right choice for your health. – Correct posture: The sitting position is the position most frequently adopted by most people in professional, domestic and leisure. People who spend long periods sitting suffer more back pain than people who move more. Thus, it is important to consider how we sit, what kind of chairs we use and what we can do to prevent back pain. – Choose the appropriate chair: Well sit in a chair requires first a chair with dimensions appropriate for our body. When sitting in a chair you must have two feet on the floor, the seat should be firm and deep enough to support our thighs, not forcing the posterior angle of the knees and have support for the forearms. Edges previous seat should be rounded. – Chair: The back of the chair is essential to provide stability... Continue Reading >>>

Is your Company thinking of relocating within the near future?

Dear Client Is your Company thinking of relocating within the near future ??? If so, Docklands Recycled Furniture are able to take care of the logistical nightmare this may cause you, and allow you to carry on with your day to day work. But most important of all SAVE you MONEY ! How ? – Well its quite simple. The cost of relocating your existing furniture into your new premises could be up to 50% more expensive than leaving your old furniture behind, and having Docklands supply High End, Modern System Style Furniture as per your required layout. There may even be some value in your existing furniture- if so, this amount may be used against the purchase of the new furniture Docklands are constantly clearing large volumes of matching furniture within Central London from large corporate companies. You may be able to attend one of our sites and cherry pick the items you wish to purchase. If any of... Continue Reading >>>

Do you need help planning your new office layout?

Docklands offer a completely FREE OF CHARGE Space Planning Design Service. Just send through your room dimensions and a brief description of your furniture requirements & our CAD team will design your office, maximising your space to be both functional and attractive! Alternatively call NOW for a free on-site survey 020 7739 7699 See Examples: Continue Reading >>>