Ideal Workstation



Check out the following tips to ensure you choose the correct desk for you and your environment:

  • Measure your office to ensure there is enough space allocated for the desks that you wish to purchase.
  • Choose the correct footprint that suits your business needs – e.g. if you use a laptop then you may only need a straight 1.2m wide desk, whereas if you need space for printers/faxes and paperwork you may need a larger 1.6m wide curved desk
  • Think about the position of your desk within the office to ensure there is adequate walkway space.
  • Consider the aesthetics- If you have a modern looking office, then you may want to choose white, modern style desks with clean lines. However, if you are trying to create a more executive image and are client facing, then you may want Antique style.
  • Think about how you are going to get power supply to your desktop, IT and Telecoms.
  • You need to consider the storage facility and whether this will be attached to your desk, mobile or stand alone.


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