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Ergohuman ergonomic chair

Previously ergonomic chair was the one that gave support to the lower back. This is actually one of the most important support, but our chairs have evolved a lot and now we can count on adjustable feet for various body parts, which brings much more comfort and significant increase in productivity and quality of life.

The adjustment of the backrest is also very important so you can relax the muscles, because the user can not stay long in the 90° position.
Sitting is an anti physiological position can cause great pressure on the spine. When sitting, the pressure is 50% higher than when we are standing. So no one can remain long sitting in the same position.

When a chair has adjustable backrest, people tend to slip to relax the muscles. On doing so, they sit on the sacrum (the end of the spine) generating a pressure in the intervertebral disc, which causes herniated disc. As it is right to sit on your sitting bones (two small bones that feel the gluteal region), when the chair has adjustable backrest, you can relax by moving only the column and remain sitting on your sitting bones.

The seat should be adjusted to a height where you can keep your feet flat on the floor.

Forearms need to be at 90 ° with respect to the arm and shoulders and wrists can stay in a neutral position.

The best chairs with ergonomic qualities allow alternating postural while are able to avoid the discomfort of the position for longer periods.

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Chair for a correct posture | Office Furniture


How to choose the best chair for your ideal position?
Check out the tips below Docklands and make the right choice for your health.

– Correct posture: The sitting position is the position most frequently adopted by most people in professional, domestic and leisure. People who spend long periods sitting suffer more back pain than people who move more. Thus, it is important to consider how we sit, what kind of chairs we use and what we can do to prevent back pain.

– Choose the appropriate chair: Well sit in a chair requires first a chair with dimensions appropriate for our body. When sitting in a chair you must have two feet on the floor, the seat should be firm and deep enough to support our thighs, not forcing the posterior angle of the knees and have support for the forearms. Edges previous seat should be rounded.

– Chair: The back of the chair is essential to provide stability for the person sitting. In a work situation the backrest should be tilted slightly back, as the backrest angle will not give us support and will tend to slide your hips forward. The use of a lumbar support can help in maintaining a good sitting posture, exerting a support in the lumbar spine and influencing the overall posture of the spine and reducing muscle fatigue.

– Firmly seat: For a person to have good posture in sitting position, the seat of the chair or sofa should be firm enough to prevent the person from sinking to sit and increase flexion of the lumbar spine, forcing the vertebral joints.

– Seat Height: The ideal height of a seat should be one in which the person sitting right angle joints keep knees and ankles. Lower for people who can not touch their feet, using a footrest helps maintain the correct posture.

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