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Our Magnum Range


Ideal for any manager’s office, Magnum is a new, premium executive desking range that reflects a leader’s demand for an elevated aesthetic. An elegant radial edge profile and two-tone table top help to create a more executive feel that perfectly suits the rooms of managers who want to furnish their office with prestige and sophistication. The subtle, curved desk provides plenty of worktop space with a desk top extension that will make Magnum stand and leave a lasting impression on visitors. The desk high pedestal and cupboards offer all important storage space and the collection is completed by meeting and boardroom tables that lend itself to decision making at the highest level.


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Social Spaces

Social Spaces is a range of innovative, contemporary design-led products for corporate breakout spaces, open plan offices, reception areas, meeting rooms and more…

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  • Social SpacesTransform the office environment into a modern, multi-functional work space with furniture solutions that encourage agile working and progressive work practices. Social Spaces is a range of innovative, contemporary design-led products for corporate breakout spaces, open plan offices, reception areas, meeting rooms and dining areas.

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  • Modular SeatingMulti-functional, modular seating offers a completely flexible solution for any breakout area by creating a bespoke piece of furniture that can easily be re-sized to suit any office space. The simple, smart components of modular seating ranges can be used individually or arranged in a variety of dynamic configurations, making them ideal for employees and small groups to relax or meet informally. Creative use of different fabrics can also add a special charm and elegant simplicity to any breakout space or reception area.

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  • Meeting PodsMeeting pods are specifically designed to address modern working practices by offering that essential private area in any busy work place to accommodate working groups with exceptional comfort and practicality. High back sofas add a new level to office and breakout seating, offering a private place for employees to sit and relax, or for teams to meet in seclusion. With optional tables and power supply, meeting pods are perfect for open space environments in offices, whilst at the same time reflecting the latest in contemporary design.

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  • Tub ChairsWith sophisticated design styling, the upholstered tub style chair offers a relaxing and comfortable seating solution for employees during the working day. The angled sides and soft, stylish profile of tub chairs are adaptable to multiple environments, making any room look contemporary, vibrant and chic. With a choice of fabric finishes and frame styles to add a touch of colour to any office space, upholstered tub chairs are also ideal around a coffee table in a reception or waiting area.



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  • ChairsBistro style chairs feature contoured seats which are designed for maximum comfort and durability, making them ideal for office breakout rooms and dining areas. Offering the ultimate combination of sleekness and sophistication, the economical and practical stackable chairs are available in a multitude of colour options for a fun and easy match with any decorating style. Wooden chairs also provide a luxury feel with a cushioned seat and back that offer additional comfort whilst employees dine and gather.


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  • TablesDining tables are simple yet elegant and offer a contemporary layer of style to any office breakout room or café area. Available with circular, square or rectangular tops in various sizes, you can also select from a wide range of base designs, edge finishes and laminate colours. Poseur tables are a very popular choice thanks to their simple yet stylish design which looks ideal in either a modern or traditional work place, and a coffee table is also a great choice if you want to create a simple but impactful look in a breakout space or café area.

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  • Benching SolutionsTable and bench systems are a creative, practical solution for any breakout space, office canteen or café area. The table and bench combination makes a real visual impact, and if you wish to enhance the look of the bench by including a touch of colour, fabric seat pads can be added to make them more comfortable. High poseur tables together with benches or stools can also offer a more versatile experience which will enhance any breakout zone or dining area, providing provision for stand-up snacking or stylish relaxation.


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FREE Space Planning

We at Docklands have a team of office design, CAD and space planning specialists who are able to cover all of the London area and surrounding boroughs. We can offer solutions to all your office accommodation needs, whether it be space planning, interior design, or maximising your office space. Using the latest technology we can redesign your office to make it work best for you.

Our staff can advise exactly how many people could be accommodated within your office; identify areas that are under-utilised and produce proposals to reduce your costs. Via our space planning you could save your company huge amounts of money in unnecessary office rentals.

We specialise in tailoring our unique service to each individual client, and are able to work with and re-use your existing furniture (to minimise your office carbon footprint) as well as being able to source for you any new or second hand furniture as required. 

We can be contacted directly on 02077397699 and would be happy to discuss projects of any size. 







Docklands Showroom & Warehouse

We have a large showroom at East London, displaying a good selection of new and used office furniture, which is constantly refreshed.

Visit our 30k Sq/ft showrooms to view all furniture shown online….



  •  Car parking available for FREE.
  •  Located outside congestion charge.
  • 6 showrooms available to view.
  • All the best quality furniture.
  • Design brands available.
  • 472 Hackney Road – E2 9EQ.


And also our see  amazing Warehouse:




Docklands | Licensed

Docklands Office Furniture are a licensed waste disposal company, and will environmentally clear your redundant office furniture for you, professionally and competitively. We understand the importance in saving our planet, and reducing our individual carbon footprints. Not only do we environmentally dispose of furniture items, we also donate to charitable organizations and local youth groups.

Captura-de-tela-2013-08-29-às-2.17.41-PMToday, Docklands Office Furniture and other forward thinkers, supply high quality used office furniture to the UK marketplace.

This diverts used office furniture out of the Landfill waste stream and back onto the market.

Furniture destined for the dump is instead working and fulfilling it’s function again. Quality used furniture looks and perform similar to new furniture but there is an average saving of 80% compared with new.

Docklands Office Furniture’s quality, used office furniture or their re-manufactured office furniture offers an attractive alternative to purchasing new.

You can be assured of a quality product, a cost effective and most importantly, an environmentally – conscious product. What’s good for our environment really is good for business.

This also means that Docklands are your number one choice if you have office furniture to be cleared.

If you have redundant office furniture at your offices, call us in for a free on site survey to give you an estimate for your office furniture clearance needs.

Docklands Recycled Furniture

Docklands Recycled Furniture
Efficient Recycling wont cost you the Earth

The team at Docklands Recycled Furniture are extremely conscious of the impact that each and every one of us has on our environment. It is our intention to develop our Recycling Policy by reducing the amount of waste. This will be achieved by good custom and practice of purchasing materials throughout the business, and disposal of materials via our Recycling processes. We ensure that all of our trusted working partners follow the same methodology.

Let us work with you to minimize your carbon footprint and increase the amount that you recycle.


recycled furniture

Office Refurbishment

Are you sat in your office whilst reading this? If so are you happy with your surroundings? Do you feel comfortable and motivated? If not, it doesn’t have to be like this and it shouldn’t be. Your office should make you feel relaxed and warm. An office refurbishment doesn’t have to be hard work or expensive, sometimes all it takes is to replace carpet tiles or office furniture to make an office feel different and have a positive effect.

Docklands are here to tell you the many ways in which an office refurbishment can help transform your business.


It’s a fact that people take pride in their workplace. So if their workspace that they spend the majority of their time at each day, isn’t aesthetically pleasing enough it is bound to affect their morale which in turn affects their productivity. Now as we all know a business needs to be as productive as possible so it’s in their interests to have their employees working to the best of their ability. An office refurbishment can help towards this.

Whilst an office refurbishment can involve upgrading office furniture, replacing carpet tiles and a lick of paint, it can also allow you to completely revamp your office space and in turn the way that your business operates. For example, If you wanted to relocate a certain department to another floor or area of the office, you can do. Or if you wanted certain people working closer together as their roles require them to work with one another regularly, an office refurbishment allows you to design a new layout to suit these needs.

It will allow you to incorporate meeting rooms and breakout areas if desired, so that employees can conduct private meetings and work away from the hustle and bustle of a busy office if they want to. Your Staff will greatly appreciate the opportunity to do that when they choose, which in turn will boost their morale and their desire to work for the company. You will find that by offering these upgraded facilities in your office, your staff retention figures will be high and productivity will increase.

An improved workplace will also set you more at ease when inviting current and potential clients to your premises. They will be impressed with your facilities and this will only have a positive effect on your company’s reputation. An office refurbishment may even make you realise that you have more space than you thought. If you have an office with a high ceiling you may be able to install a mezzanine floor. This will allow you to add an extra floor to your business for whatever you desire, by it that aforementioned breakout area or a new department within the business.

Many businesses have reaped the benefits of an office refurbishment and if you have been thinking about joining them, then don’t hesitate to contact one of the team at Docklands for further advice and information.