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Office Refurbishment

Are you sat in your office whilst reading this? If so are you happy with your surroundings? Do you feel comfortable and motivated? If not, it doesn’t have to be like this and it shouldn’t be. Your office should make you feel relaxed and warm. An office refurbishment doesn’t have to be hard work or expensive, sometimes all it takes is to replace carpet tiles or office furniture to make an office feel different and have a positive effect.

Docklands are here to tell you the many ways in which an office refurbishment can help transform your business.


It’s a fact that people take pride in their workplace. So if their workspace that they spend the majority of their time at each day, isn’t aesthetically pleasing enough it is bound to affect their morale which in turn affects their productivity. Now as we all know a business needs to be as productive as possible so it’s in their interests to have their employees working to the best of their ability. An office refurbishment can help towards this.

Whilst an office refurbishment can involve upgrading office furniture, replacing carpet tiles and a lick of paint, it can also allow you to completely revamp your office space and in turn the way that your business operates. For example, If you wanted to relocate a certain department to another floor or area of the office, you can do. Or if you wanted certain people working closer together as their roles require them to work with one another regularly, an office refurbishment allows you to design a new layout to suit these needs.

It will allow you to incorporate meeting rooms and breakout areas if desired, so that employees can conduct private meetings and work away from the hustle and bustle of a busy office if they want to. Your Staff will greatly appreciate the opportunity to do that when they choose, which in turn will boost their morale and their desire to work for the company. You will find that by offering these upgraded facilities in your office, your staff retention figures will be high and productivity will increase.

An improved workplace will also set you more at ease when inviting current and potential clients to your premises. They will be impressed with your facilities and this will only have a positive effect on your company’s reputation. An office refurbishment may even make you realise that you have more space than you thought. If you have an office with a high ceiling you may be able to install a mezzanine floor. This will allow you to add an extra floor to your business for whatever you desire, by it that aforementioned breakout area or a new department within the business.

Many businesses have reaped the benefits of an office refurbishment and if you have been thinking about joining them, then don’t hesitate to contact one of the team at Docklands for further advice and information.

Tips to find a Location for Office

Here are some important tips for you when trying to find the ideal commercial office or room for you, or your company:

1 – When you lease a room or business office, do not just analyze physical location, transport links and access – restaurants and banks are also essential services, whose proximity can positively affect the productivity of the entire team.
2 – Beware of leasing a very old building. There may be limitations to the number of telephone lines installed per floor, and some services such as broadband and cable TV.
3 – Will I have place to grow? Ensure the current room facilitates the structure of your business today, and future plan for the years to come.
4 – Set a budget, and ensure that you stick to it- Ensure that if you make alterations to the workplace, you employ a professional in an advisory capacity, as this could avoid additional spending later on in correcting works.
5 – As your team for their input to ensure that they are given the correct tools to perform their work. For example, your accounts may need more space facility than those in sales.
7 – After choosing the location for your office start thinking about the type of furniture you will need. Taking into consideration the functionality of each individual department, and their unique requirements.



The Influence of Color in your Office

Studies show that colours can affect our perception of situations, and moods within the office. They can also be used to endorse your corporate identity.

Yellow – Conveys safety and hope, is youthful, free and positive. A tribute to qualities such as reason, logic, intellect and good decision making.




Orange – Is an anti-depressant and gives strength, stimulation and Invigores. Orange is the colour of joy, humour and helps develop conversation. It helps combat fatigue, improves air flow and increases optimism.



Green – Reminds us of life, harmony and also reflects energy. If used properly it helps create a balanced, southing and calm environment.




Red – Is the colour of motivation, desire and activity. Red is associated with heat, and excitement. It is a colour that awakens the sense of competitiveness, stimulates, and opens the mind.


Blue – Reflects deep oceans and clear skies. It promotes quietness, trust, confidence and serenity. This colour is not threatening, it neutralises worries and calms individuals.


Black – Reflects authority, respect and power. It is perceived as being dark and mysterious. It is a very ostentatious and luxurious ambiance. This colour should be used with caution as it can close in a space and create a claustrophobic environment.



White – Chic, and always in fashion. White is a colour conveying pure spiritual feeling. It is the colour of detachment, harmony, balance and cleanliness. Here you can find more options about our withe furniture range.