How to choose a ideal office chair


Check out the following tips to ensure you choose the correct chair for you and your environment:

  • Check the dimensions of the chair, and ensure that the seat is firm and deep enough to support your thighs, whilst not forcing the posterior angle of your knees, and also giving support for your forearms. When sitting both of your feet should touch the floor flat to the ground.
  • Make sure the chair has the correct posture adjustments to fit your needs. People who spend longer periods of time suffer more back pain than people who move around, and so it is very important to consider how we sit, what kind of chairs we use, and what we can do to prevent back pain.
  • The seat back of the chair is essential to provide stability for when you are sitting. In a work situation the backrest should be tilted slightly back, as the backrest angle will not give you support and will tend to slide your hips forward.
  • The use of a lumbar support can help in maintaining a good sitting position, and so if held in the correct position it will not only reduce muscle fatigue, but will also stop your spine from curving from when you slouch.
  • To ensure you get the correct seating position, the seat of the chair should be firm enough to prevent you from sinking and increase flexion on your spine, forcing on your vertebral joints.
  • When choosing the height of your office chair, it is vital to ensure that your feet are flat on the floor, with your thighs horizontal and arms even with the height of your desk.