Egg Chair | Spring Time

Spring is here and with it, so is Easter…and what would Easter be without its defining symbol – Easter eggs.  Because egg is the symbol of rebirth and new beginning, the world’s fascination with it dates back to ancient times, crossing cultures, religions and geographic locations.  The world of modern furniture, spearheaded by some of the most well known design masterminds, is no different and has been celebrating this holiday and its many symbolic connotations with its own unique interpretations of the Egg by incorporating its shape into everything from modern sofas and contemporary chairs to lighting and accessories.


Egg Chair by the world renowned Arne Jacobsen in 1958 for Fritz Hansen, Denmark

egg chair


Tato Collection by Denis Santachiara and Enrico Baleri / Tato Tattoo Collection by Maurizio Galante for Cerrutti Baleri, Italy


Ciottolo Washbasin by Michael and Christian Sieger for Duravit, Germany



Garden Egg miniature by Ghyczy Peter for Vitra, Switzarland


Egg Vase by Marcel Wanders for Moooi, Netherlands


Inside container/set of treys by Naoto Fukasawa for B&B Italia


Uovo Table Lamp Collection by Archivio Storico for Fontana Arte, Italy



Supersassi and Tantisassi Sofas by Thus Matteo for Rossi di Albizzate, Italy



Egg Suspended Outdoor Chair by Nanna Ditzel for Bonacina Pierantonio, Italy


Playstation Sofa by Seymour Jerszy for B.R.F, Italy
















Part Exchange Existing Office Furniture

Have you recently moved, or about to move into new premises but don’t know what to do with your existing furniture?
Let Docklands take away the worry and stress of trying to dispose of your existing furniture, when purchasing New by offering a Part Exchange Service. We will come along to your offices and clear all of your existing furniture whilst supply New at an extremely competitive price.

DO NOT let disposing of your existing office furniture be an after thought, as this could be an additional expense that you have not budgeted for.
The process is simple, just email us images of your existing furniture to and we will promise to get back to you within 24hrs






2hand Office Furniture | Benefits

Benefits of Purchasing 2hand Office furniture | Recycled Office Furniture



Purchasing Second Hand or Recycled Office Furniture could save you more than 60% than if you were to purchase your Furniture New. If you are fitting out a whole office, just imagine the savings you could make!

By purchasing Second Hand/Recycled Office Furniture, you are not only minimizing your carbon footprint, but you are also reducing landfill sites and saving our Environment

Second Hand Office Furniture does not necessarily mean that the furniture will look second best – All of our Used Office Furniture has all been professionally refurbished by our experts in their chosen field- polishing, reupholstering and cleaning/sanitizing.

Our large showrooms enable us to provide large, matching sets of Used Office Furniture including; Desks, Chairs, Storage and Meeting Room Furniture Furniture. All furniture is readily available for immediate delivery or collection.





Docklands Office Furniture ensure that our Second Hand Office Furniture is delivered to your offices in fully working, well presented order.

Why pay more when you can’t tell the difference?

If you can’t tell the difference, why pay the difference? Take a closer look at second hand office furniture…


It’s great for the environment and good for business!

Recycling paper, glass, tin cans and other products is now standard practice in homes and offices across Europe.

But many are unaware that office furniture is also recyclable. If you think about it, the basics of most office furniture has a long life span. Instead of wearing out however it is often replaced because it has become outdated over time.

In the past, an office refurbishment or a new colour scheme meant old furnishings were doomed to the dump, But not any more.




So, have a look at our Second Hand Office Furniture here

Docklands | Licensed

Docklands Office Furniture are a licensed waste disposal company, and will environmentally clear your redundant office furniture for you, professionally and competitively. We understand the importance in saving our planet, and reducing our individual carbon footprints. Not only do we environmentally dispose of furniture items, we also donate to charitable organizations and local youth groups.

Captura-de-tela-2013-08-29-às-2.17.41-PMToday, Docklands Office Furniture and other forward thinkers, supply high quality used office furniture to the UK marketplace.

This diverts used office furniture out of the Landfill waste stream and back onto the market.

Furniture destined for the dump is instead working and fulfilling it’s function again. Quality used furniture looks and perform similar to new furniture but there is an average saving of 80% compared with new.

Docklands Office Furniture’s quality, used office furniture or their re-manufactured office furniture offers an attractive alternative to purchasing new.

You can be assured of a quality product, a cost effective and most importantly, an environmentally – conscious product. What’s good for our environment really is good for business.

This also means that Docklands are your number one choice if you have office furniture to be cleared.

If you have redundant office furniture at your offices, call us in for a free on site survey to give you an estimate for your office furniture clearance needs.

How to choose a ideal office chair


Check out the following tips to ensure you choose the correct chair for you and your environment:

  • Check the dimensions of the chair, and ensure that the seat is firm and deep enough to support your thighs, whilst not forcing the posterior angle of your knees, and also giving support for your forearms. When sitting both of your feet should touch the floor flat to the ground.
  • Make sure the chair has the correct posture adjustments to fit your needs. People who spend longer periods of time suffer more back pain than people who move around, and so it is very important to consider how we sit, what kind of chairs we use, and what we can do to prevent back pain.
  • The seat back of the chair is essential to provide stability for when you are sitting. In a work situation the backrest should be tilted slightly back, as the backrest angle will not give you support and will tend to slide your hips forward.
  • The use of a lumbar support can help in maintaining a good sitting position, and so if held in the correct position it will not only reduce muscle fatigue, but will also stop your spine from curving from when you slouch.
  • To ensure you get the correct seating position, the seat of the chair should be firm enough to prevent you from sinking and increase flexion on your spine, forcing on your vertebral joints.
  • When choosing the height of your office chair, it is vital to ensure that your feet are flat on the floor, with your thighs horizontal and arms even with the height of your desk.



Docklands Recycled Furniture

Docklands Recycled Furniture
Efficient Recycling wont cost you the Earth

The team at Docklands Recycled Furniture are extremely conscious of the impact that each and every one of us has on our environment. It is our intention to develop our Recycling Policy by reducing the amount of waste. This will be achieved by good custom and practice of purchasing materials throughout the business, and disposal of materials via our Recycling processes. We ensure that all of our trusted working partners follow the same methodology.

Let us work with you to minimize your carbon footprint and increase the amount that you recycle.


recycled furniture

Ideal Workstation



Check out the following tips to ensure you choose the correct desk for you and your environment:

  • Measure your office to ensure there is enough space allocated for the desks that you wish to purchase.
  • Choose the correct footprint that suits your business needs – e.g. if you use a laptop then you may only need a straight 1.2m wide desk, whereas if you need space for printers/faxes and paperwork you may need a larger 1.6m wide curved desk
  • Think about the position of your desk within the office to ensure there is adequate walkway space.
  • Consider the aesthetics- If you have a modern looking office, then you may want to choose white, modern style desks with clean lines. However, if you are trying to create a more executive image and are client facing, then you may want Antique style.
  • Think about how you are going to get power supply to your desktop, IT and Telecoms.
  • You need to consider the storage facility and whether this will be attached to your desk, mobile or stand alone.


See more examples and prices FROM DOCKLANDS


Tips to find a location for office

Here are some important tips for you when trying to find the ideal commercial office or room for you, or your company:

1 – When you lease a room or business office, do not just analyze physical location, transport links and access – restaurants and banks are also essential services, whose proximity can positively affect the productivity of the entire team.
2 – Beware of leasing a very old building. There may be limitations to the number of telephone lines installed per floor, and some services such as broadband and cable TV.
3 – Will I have place to grow? Ensure the current room facilitates the structure of your business today, and future plan for the years to come.
4 – Set a budget, and ensure that you stick to it- Ensure that if you make alterations to the workplace, you employ a professional in an advisory capacity, as this could avoid additional spending later on in correcting works.
5 – As your team for their input to ensure that they are given the correct tools to perform their work. For example, your accounts may need more space facility than those in sales.
7 – After choosing the location for your office start thinking about the type of furniture you will need. Taking into consideration the functionality of each individual department, and their unique requirements.





Partitions and screens can help your company become more efficient

The dynamics of business today, is very different from that of 20 years ago.

The globalization, computerization, mobile telephony and the internet have enabled Companies to speed up their processes, and become more effective.

In the 1990’s it was on trend to create open working environments, and to use screens to create individual working areas. This was conducive for good team working within the office. Nowadays, each individual workstation has its own screens with tool rails to attach accessories, not only creating individual workspace but also to enable a cleaner and tidier desktop.