10 Tips for Increasing Your Office Furniture for Small Spaces

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you are a professional artist, designer, architect, decorator and want to use your apartment is super small to help sell your fish, check these super tips:

  • Use U countertops for easy access and expand the environment;
  • Slightly change the colors of the decor to set each environment;
  • Use niches in the walls, beautify and help to keep things;
  • Choose large pieces (sounds strange?) Instead of several small objects, gives a lot of expensive mess, your client will not like;
  • Prioritize natural light transmits “open environments” magnifies in a nice and gives a great energy to work;
  • Use light colors, dark colors reduce the space;
  • Use furniture with two purposes, for example a bookcase that divides the environment;
  • Use furniture, stools, chairs that are stackable are easy to carry from one place to another;
  • Paint the door and frame in the same color as the wall gives the feeling of being in the same plane and magnifies the environment;
  • Use a mobile office that highlight and draw attention and make the focus of his client in space, for example a beautiful egg chair.

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